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Market research in Paraguay

We help companies, government entities and NGOs to grow thanks to information. Customized qualitative and quantitative research.

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How does it work?

You contact us

             We research 

We discovered an opportunity

                We design a strategy

Your organization/company grows

At Colmena we help companies, government entities and NGOs make better decisions about their clients, market and competitors based on evidence.

How much money, effort and time could your organization save if you could make decisions based on hard data (and not play guessing games)?

Contact us, tell us about your project, and we will send you a personalized work proposal!

Quienes Somos

About us.

We are a team of academic researchers with a conviction:

When companies and organizations do well, we all benefit.

More sales = more progress.

More programs = more lives changed.

More branches = more jobs.

But in order to grow and have more impact, organizations need to have information! Concrete and real data about:

  • The market.

  • Your clients.

  • Community.

  • Your employees.

  • Your competition.

That is why we created Colmena: a boutique agency dedicated to putting our research tools at the service of these organizations, and thus helping them detect opportunities and make decisions that help them grow and strengthen themselves. 

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NGOs and government entities

Better understand the population in order to create and optimize programs and generate more impact.

Optimize the organization's resources based on data to make the best use of them.

Identify underserved population groups in need of additional assistance.

Find opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to maximize impact.

Better communicate the impact of your programs to your stakeholders.


Develop products and services based on the real and current needs of your customers.

Avoid wasting resources (time, money, energy) in poorly targeted marketing campaigns. 

Become a reference in the market, both among customers and employees.

Anticipate market and regional trends to make the most of them.

Stop guessing and know exactly what to do to generate the greatest impact on the market (with the least amount of resources possible).

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Nuestros Servicios

Our services

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What do our customers say?

“We appreciate working with Colmena because they successfully combine a rigorous research approach with participatory field work”

Nancy Ramos

Fundación Paraguaya

Trabaja con Nosotros

Work with us

Join our Hive.

We invite you to apply to become part of our collaboration and collective intelligence hub. Here you will find all our job offers and the application form. 



What information does your organization need to grow?


Tell us about your project and your objectives, and we will send you a personalized work proposal!

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