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We know that information is power.

  • The power to sell more.

  • The power to make a greater impact.

  • The power to thrive.

That's why we specialize in researching and gathering the information that companies, NGOs, and government entities need to make better decisions and grow more efficiently, using fewer resources.

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Who do we work with?

NGOs / government entities that want…

…have a deeper understanding of the needs of the population and how they can optimize their programs to make them work better.

…identify which population groups are underserved and require additional attention and help.

…find opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and government agencies to maximize your reach.

… improve the communication of their programs with the population and thus obtain more donations. 

…understand how to best optimize your resources to have a greater impact with them.


Companies and organizations that want…

…segment your customers with needsparticular desires and preferences, and thus avoid wasting resources (time, money, energy) on poorly directed marketing campaigns. 

…develop products and services that meet the expectations of its customers based on real data about real needs.

…improve its reputation and position in the market, becoming an innovative company, recognized for its success and social impact. 

…know trends and changes in the market, and thus be prepared to adapt to them and take advantage of them for your benefit. 

We are a boutique research agency and our mission is to help organizations and companies make evidence-based decisions to develop products, services and programs that meet the needs of their audience.

To achieve this, we bring the best academic research techniques to the market, we generate knowledge about Paraguayan society, and we transform it into opportunities for our clients.

With our research, our clients can obtain information on different dimensions that impact their growth:


The market

What are the cities that are growing the most and where can I offer my products/services/programs?

At what time of year are there more economic resources in large and intermediate cities and why?

Where and in what proportion are people migrating and what can I do as a result?


Your clients

Why do customers buy more of this product on Thursdays?

What are the characteristics, income level, and location of my customers (and how can I communicate with them to increase sales)?

What product/service/program do they need that I can provide to them?


Your employees and collaborators

What problems and wishes do my employees have?

Why are they absent/performing less?

How can I improve team dynamics so that the company generates more and better results? 



Why are residents protesting against my organization/company?

What can I do to contribute positively to the community I am in?

How can I grow my company without negatively impacting the population?


Your competitors

What are they doing and how can I differentiate myself from them?

What are they not doing and what, instead, can I do to make a difference?

Nancy Ramos - Fundación Paraguaya

“We appreciate working with Colmena because they successfully combine a rigorous research approach with participatory field work.” 

(Testimony protected by confidentiality agreement)

“Before we were not clear about the weaknesses of the process teams. After hiring Colmena mentoring, we had greater clarity and detail about the status of the proposals and teams of the process we were organizing.”

Francisco Riera - Equilibrium Social Development Consulting

“We love working with Colmena for its innovative approach that seeks to integrate the private sector, government and civil sector organizations with a comprehensive approach to the development of the country.” 
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