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Colmena: academic researchers for your organization

We help you make evidence-based decisions to achieve the objectives of your company, organization or entity. Get to know us more!

Special message for companies, government entities and NGOs that want to grow and have more impact on society

We are a team of academic researchers with a mission: to help organizations grow and achieve their objectives. We believe that when organizations thrive, we all grow together!

  • The company that sells more grows and creates more job opportunities.

  • The NGO that manages its projects efficiently improves the lives of more people.

  • The government entity that understands its community can create better conditions for them.

All of this enables us to foster commerce, advance as a country, and tackle more complex issues, such as poverty, lack of access to education, and decent work.

We believe that the first step towards changing the world is to open our eyes and see what is happening around us.

And how do we help organizations grow?

We help them make better decisions based on evidence with our formula: research + discovery of opportunities + creative proposals

We know it is not the same to...

  • Develop a product or service for a young urban segment than one for an adult segment.

  • Sell a service in Asunción or Filadelfia, because each city has its own economic dynamism and social characteristics.

  • Develop a social impact program in an urban area than in rural areas.

Understanding the challenges we face and finding opportunities for growth in them is the key to not only overcoming them, but also using them as a springboard to success.

And we love doing this!

Colmena was born with the idea that if we bring together people with different specializations to work together around a problem (like bees do around their queen bee!), we can generate much more creative solutions and proposals so that the organization can grow and produce much more. 


We like those tasks that seem complex and require creativity to solve. 


We have fun while working and fully immerse ourselves in our client's project until the end.


We not only provide data, but we also propose solutions based on that data. 


We have many research tools because we invested many years in academia and on the playing field working with different actors.


With our small team, we strike the perfect balance between a cold and distant corporate giant consulting firm and an individual expert lacking diverse perspectives.


Karuna Parwani

Project Consultant

  • LinkedIn

Karuna has a bachelor's degree in International Relations with a concentration in Political Science from Northeastern University (USA) and a master's degree in Globalization and Latin American Development from University College London (UK). Karuna is a consultant and shares our great interest in social research, Latin American political economy, sustainable development, and mainly creating a positive impact through her work. Previously, he has worked with various international organizations and NGOs, in areas such as human rights, ethics, development and international cooperation.

from Paraguay, with love.

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