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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust that you will provide accurate information about my industry if you have never worked in it before?

As researchers, our clients often seek our insights on various aspects of their businesses, even in industries or areas where we do not possess specialized knowledge. However, we have the ability to provide well-informed opinions due to our rigorous training and the theoretical foundation we possess. Our expertise lies not in knowing what to think about a problem but in knowing how to think about it. This approach allows us to offer a fresh perspective that someone deeply entrenched in the sector might not have. We rely on sound theory and research methodologies to frame problems and challenges effectively, enabling us to develop the best questions that lead to the most valuable answers.


How do you present the data and information you gather?

After collecting primary and secondary data for qualitative, quantitative, and data analysis studies, we deliver creative, concise, and illustrative reports tailored for an executive audience. Instead of providing raw and difficult-to-understand data, we present processed conclusions in a visually appealing and easily digestible report. Additionally, we create interactive dashboards that summarize information, serving as a useful tool for businesses and organizations when making decisions.


Do you work with any type of organization?

At Colmena, we collaborate with diverse NGOs, government entities, and businesses of all sizes and impact levels that seek to understand themselves better, their customers, employees, and other stakeholders to enhance their services or products. In essence, we work with organizations that recognize the power of information. Our most valued clients are committed to long-term growth and success, seeking valuable insights to make informed decisions and develop robust strategies for the future. Regardless of your company's size or industry, if you aspire to grow, increase sales, or have a greater impact on your customers or society, we are here to assist you.


Can Colmena replace my marketing team?

No, we do not aim to replace your marketing team. Instead, we complement their efforts by providing the necessary information and insights to enhance their campaigns and endeavors. Our role is to support your marketing team with valuable data, but we do not execute commercial actions on their behalf.


How much do your services cost?

We understand that every company and organization is unique, with varying needs and requirements. Some may require concise studies, while others may need more extensive projects spanning weeks or even months. For this reason, we always tailor a personalized proposal for each client. If you are interested in receiving a proposal for your organization, please click here to schedule a meeting or video call with us.

How much time, effort, and money would your organization save if you could make better decisions (and stop playing the guessing game)? 

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